Gunite Blog

blog | Published on July 9, 2015 by Staff.

Gunite is a dry mix compound of sand and cement. Gunite (or concrete) pools are generally speaking the most popular. One of the biggest determining factors of what type of pool you choose for your build (concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass) is determined by the pool shape and size. Gunite is the most highly customizable in terms of builds. It can be applied to any pool size and shape.


Gunite also varies the most in terms of cost, but is comparable to a fiberglass build. However, long term is it going to require more maintenance and in turn have more costs associated. At some point, although indeterminable, it will require renovation! Gunite material is porous, this makes it more algae prone. Costs will be incurred from needing extra chemicals for this exact reason. Additionally, you will have to watch the calcium levels of the pool when you have gunite.


These pools can take longer to build on account of variables including weather. They are good in terms of durability and appearance, but are not compatible with salt water. Salt water pools and salt additives are currently huge in the pool industry. If salt water is an amenity you find desirable, you will likely want to steer away from a gunite pool.


Some people cannot be swayed from wanting a gunite pool, as it can be a popular choice. When deciding take into account its flexibility, design, durability, and the coarse texture. When deciding what kind of pool is right for your build there are so many factors to take into account, but ultimately it is up to you!