Aquatic Services

Pool Design – At Pool and Spa Designs we work closely with pool contractors, general contractors, aquatic engineers, and property owners around the world. Our proactive interest is in taking the additional aspects of the build such as the pool design and architectural blue prints, as well as structural engineering, out of your hands. We provide a fast turn-around rate to ensure the construction process does not get held up.


Swimming Pool Design
Our knowledgeable pool designers will work closely with you ensuring the design of your project meets you or your client’s needs. Our designers will design around your construction budget, ideas, and yard conditions delivering a design that will ensure a beautifully crafted aquatic project.


3D Design
Our 3D renderings can be a vital component in accurately depicting your ideas by visualizing your project with the latest 3D software. When your ideas are transferred to 3 dimensional designs you are provided with a 360 degree portal of your backyard and aquatic project. You can view the way your projected project will look like during the day, at night, or even from your living room window!


Swimming Pool and Aquatic Drafting
All of our plans are drafted in accordance with both local and national building codes ensuring a quality pool, with the most advanced safety and design features available. We pay close attention to details such as plumbing layout, turnover rates, light placement, sanitization, and power consumption.


Hardscape Design
Hardscapes are a very necessary part in complimenting the design of your pool or spa, and is included in our drafting service. They include, but are not limited to: paved areas, BBQ’s, outdoor kitchens, structures, retaining walls, patios, fire pits, fountains, etc.


Permit Ready Plans
Each municipality and their requirements for permitting pool construction plans are different. This is why we research your city’s code requirements upon starting your project. To be able to pull permits without hassle the delineations and their specifics must be precise. Common code requirements are pool barrier enclosure requirements, entrapment avoidance, and energy saving codes.


Some cities and states require structural engineering when obtaining permits for construction. We have teamed up with several structural engineer firms to ensure we can provide the most cost efficient engineering available in your respective state of construction.