• • Do you build pools?
    o A: No, we design and draft pool plans ready for permit approval. It’s a complete set of pool construction plans.
  • • What kind of pool designs do you offer?
    o A: We design all kinds of pools, spas, and aquatic projects. We even work with your hand drawn sketches.
  • • How important are pool plans?
    o A: Pool plans are very important in the obtaining of permits and permissions from the city. Also plans are used as a guideline for all sub-contractors and builders.
  • • Do you provide everything to get a city permit?
    o A: Yes, we have permit ready plans. All sets of construction plans include a design for the layout, excavation, plumbing, decking, and a detailed equipment list.
  • • Do you work in all cities?
    o A: Yes, we work in and with all cities and states. Making sure that your project is up to county and city codes.
  • • Do you provide engineering?
    o A: Yes, we use a sub-contractor.
  • • Do you work with my architect?
    o A: Yes, we will work with any preferred sub-contractor(s).
  • • How long does it take to build a pool?
    o A: On average, the building takes about 3-8 weeks, after permits are acquired. Vinyl and fiberglass averages about 3-5 weeks, ICF runs about 3-6 and concrete is about 4-8 weeks.
  • • Is it cheaper to build your own pool?
    o A: Yes, it is cheaper, but it requires some work and investment of time.
  • • What is the process to building a pool?
    o A: Design, determining what shape, size, style, etc. Acquiring necessary permits and permission from your city. After that you can begin the digging and the shell set-up. Next, comes the pool lay out and putting reinforcements in place. After the reinforcements are in place you can complete the plumbing and electrical. Once that’s done you can apply coping track and then pour the concrete. Finally, after laying down final liner, you can fill the pool with water and enjoy.
  • • How much does a pool cost?
    o A: The average cost of building a pool varies. Pricing variables include location, size, type, and desired water features. Pricing generally starts at about $20,000 and ranges up to $100,000.
  • • What is the monthly cost of a pool?
    o A: Chemicals average $20-$30 per month, electricity and water are separate. Electricity is about $30-$50 depending on the pump being used and if the pool has a heating component. Water usually costs about $10-$20 per month. All together the average cost is about $100 per month.
  • • Do you sell chemicals?
    o A: Yes, we do sell chemicals for pool maintenance. We offer a start-up kit and are even happy to provide a comprehensive equipment estimate specific to your build.
  • • How do I get started if I am interested in building my own pool?
    o A: It is important to do research before determining if building/owning a pool is right for you. If you have read the faq’s and are ready to start the design process, call our office and we will gladly send you the submissions forms to get your project started!